Tymoshenko’s Trial

yulia tymoshenko


From Denis Prokhniak, in response to those who think Tymoshenko should be given a ‘pass’ on a fair trial:

“Would running a fair trial of Yulia Tymoshenko ‘…make the country a laughing-stock in the West?’ Well that’s alright. Because the hypocrite West is already a laughing stock at Maidan, to be frank. We screamed for months when terror began. The West kept their head in the sand until dozens of boys armed with sticks and aluminium shields were shot with assault and sniper rifles. Now they’re talking about sanctions and being smart.

“Of course, bringing VFY and his gang to justice is the #1 priority, giving Tymoshenko a free pass until something new comes to light IS selective justice, which IS pulling a ‘Yanukovych’.

“I’ve heard a number of people saying that the only reason she was put in jail without proper trial is that the system just couldn’t be bothered with proper trial. Actually, I suspect that a fair investigation and trial would have incriminated a number of officials who remained in power under Yanukovych. Don’t forget that incriminating evidence can be used to pull strings as well.

“On the other hand, there are many who are adamant that Tymoshenko is not guilty of what she was accused. But then there are other things that real investigative journalists will gladly remind us all about, people like Dmytro Hnap, who was among those denouncing the ‘good compromise’ deal from Maidan stage on 21.02.2014, or Mustafa Nayem, whose FB post effectively started this revolution 3 months ago.”


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