A moment in history of Ukraine

Yatseniuk, the candidate for prime minister being proposed by the coalition of anti-ancien regime forces told the parliament that the country is in one of the most difficult moments in its history. It faces economic and political collapse if immediate measures are not taken to save the country. Preservation of national unity is the most critical challenge alongside that of preventing economic collapse. The new government will be sensitive to Ukraine’s ethnic and regional make-up and while affirming the position of Ukrainian as the state language and will take measures to ensure full respect for the rights of all national minorities in Ukraine and that Russophones do not feel threatened. The treasury has been plundered and is virtually empty while the national debt has skyrocketed during the four years of the Yanukovych regime. Thus, highly unpopular economic stringency measures will have to be taken immediately, the most severe in the history of independent Ukraine. Privileges for state officials will be cut immediately. A three billion loan from China given to Azarov’s government has disappeared and is being traced. An estimated 70 billion US dollars has been siphoned off to offshore accounts by the ancien regime and its clients. Restoration of security in the country is a priority and anyone unauthorized with weapons will be regarded as outlaws fleeing from justice. Loans and economic assistance from western countries are vital and the new government will endeavor to secure them. Ukraine’s future lies with Europe and partnership with the EU. Ukraine calls on Russia to be a good neighbor and not aggravate the situation by harboring Yakukovych. Ukraine and Russia are not enemies and should work together, not against one another. The new government is an interim one until elections and because of the tough measures it will have to take it will be a “kamikaze” one. Yatseniuk confirmed that he does not intend for president.


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