Arsen Avakov on Crimea

Voices of Ukraine

By Arsen Avakov
28/02/2014 08:39 Facebook status update
Translated by Anna Danilova
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Crimea. I report the situation by the end of the night, so as not to feed rumours:

1. Belbeck Airport. It is blocked by military units of the Russian Navy fleet. Inside the airport are military and border guards of Ukraine. Outside – in military camouflage with a gun without any identification marks, though they do not hide their affiliation. The airport doesn’t work. On the outer perimeter are Ukrainian MIA positions. For the moment there is no armed conflict.

2. Simferopol Airport. About midnight a group of around 100 people in civilian clothes, who called themselves a Cossack Squad, reached the airfield, breaking the fence on the airport grounds.

Forces of the Internal troops and police forced these people back first to the airport building, and then outside of its territory. Weapons have not been…

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