Questions for the head physician on the Maidan

Anna Korbut writes: “Oleh Musiy [Health Minister elect], we’ve been hearing about this kind of thing for some time now. Tell us where all of this is right now, please. Tell people, what kind of warehouses there are and where they are. Why medications were or are being moved out?

“Moreover, why was it that during the peaceful march near the Verkhovna Rada [February 18], the pharmacies weren’t giving out syringes and those who were sent out to the VR weren’t being given bulletproof vests? And when union volunteers were calling and screaming that they needed syringes near the VR, they could hear voices in the background saying, ‘No one of ours is gonna go there’?

“Why are there so many rumors that, when the union building was burning, the commandant from the third story (or whoever was responsible for all this) ran out with medications rather than with the wounded, who ended up burning to death there…”

“Why were the Maidan shelves filled with cheap medications while people were seen carrying out all the costly ones? We understand that there was a lot of chaos happening (although there was enough time to organize things effectively). Now, enough time has passed to provide some kind of public accountability, to scan all the medications, for instance, to make a database, and to openly explain where and how they will be further distributed, and to report on the cash donations provided.


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