Russian military blocks border station in Balaklava

Kyiv, February 28 (Interfax-Ukraine) – The State Border Service of Ukraine has confirmed the blocking by servicemen of the Russian Black Sea Fleet of the Sevastopol marine border guard detachment.

“Border guards identified these persons as servicemen of the 810th Marine Brigade of the Russian Black Sea Fleet. They were deployed before the checkpoint of the detachment and surrounded all approaches. Snipers have been placed at altitudes around the detachment,” the State Border Service said in a statement posted on its Web site on Friday.

According to the service, the head of the group of Russian military, a first rank captain, later arrived at the checkpoint and said that the demand of these individuals is that nobody leave the territory of the military unit.

“They were allegedly fulfilling the demands of the Crimean Security Council to prevent the seizure of weapons by extremists. After negotiations with the detachment commander the Russian military moved 25 meters back from the checkpoint and are conducting surveillance,” reads the report.

According to the service, early on Friday, a missile boat of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, the Ivanovets, came close to the shore of the of Balaklava bay allegedly because of an engine failure.

In addition, according to the report, border guards tracked the flight from Kerch to Ukraine of more than ten Russian military helicopters. The Ukrainian side received a respective application from the Russian Black Sea Fleet only for three of these helicopters.

“The remaining helicopters that crossed Ukraine’s state border violated the requirements of respective bilateral agreements,” reads the statement.


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