Say no to clean-up, evidence of mass murder

BEWARE!!! Do not join in any activity intended to “clean up” downtown Kyiv. The real purpose is to destroy evidence that investigators need in order to establish some of the deaths and other crimes. Do not help “clean” Khreshchatiy Park, the City Gardens or Mariyinskiy Park. These were the scenes of many of the abuses of the Berkut and titushky and need to be left untouched until investigators have been able to glean the maximum from evidence.

Uwagi! Repost! UPD. Organizers of the rally partially heeded the voice of reason and updated list of locations. Now from problem areas there were only Kreschaty Park City Garden and Mariinsky Park I repeat: it is a place of dislocation “Berkut”, BB, and titushek, the Mariinsky beating all happened on February 19. You can not touch them! UPD2. I’m sure many who wanted to participate in cleaning not read update from the organizers or not sort navigate the album – a new version of locations at the end. Plath they can come massively in the past “forbidden” places. In connection with this question of the organization of mobile teams to protect these places still open. Friends in once, to seek help. Not for myself, but for the sake of the case. We all know that the entire Maidan and all adjacent streets (Hrinchenko lane Shevchenko, Sophia, St.Michael, Kostelnaya Institutskaja and Gorodetsky), as well as parks and yards on them, the European area, the streets Three Saints and Hrushevskoho and adjacent parks, Michael’s Square, street Large Zhytomyr and Vladimir perhaps Landscape alley, street Shelkovichnaja Lipsky, garden, the Castle Lane became the scene of a monstrous, well-designed large-scale crimes against our compatriots in general – humanity . , therein Any evidence and traces of the crime may have a role for the investigation. We are not even talking about the bullets and their tracks, sleeves – everything is clear to everyone. Any accidentally dropped by criminals paper with a phone number or other records and things like that can help the investigation. As you can imagine, literally sift topsoil over such a large area, even with metal detectors, properly documented findings – the hardest task. Of course, not all places may be of significance to solve the crime and the punishment of offenders, were investigated. It is also obvious that all these traces and evidence must be examined in close conjunction with the documented place of discovery. With all of this kind of organization ” Clean Planet “with the active support of the Kyiv City State Administration and personally its chairman Vladimir Makeenko tomorrow is going to hold a “Saturday” ( ), which take part in the expressed desire to 17,000 people. Unfortunately, most of the streets from the above list were forbidden in the preliminary and the final list of the areas which will be held that provided for cleaning tools, identified leaders in the field. Set a meeting place for members Maidan. would caution Kiev, who come to this clean-intentioned, the love of his native city, and the city authorities. So-called “cleaning” can cause serious, if not irreparable damage to the investigation. In its course can easily be destroyed, lost or moved pointless evidence and / or evidence of a crime. organizers of the event for two days could not answer one simple question: “Are the bodies of your actions with consequences?” getting away excuses about that soon will have a new list of locations. New list appeared, and in it – the same street forbidden. Marasmus steel crown conversations that indicate places cleaning “Housing workers who know that you can touch and what is not.” With all due respect to the employees of a broom and dustpan, expect them to forensic knowledge and skills at least naive. Event organizers do not respond to requests to change their mind, coming from lawyers and concerned citizens simply ignore the information provided to them that investigative activities are not completed aggressively defending the need for action. By intent or unwittingly – does not matter, the damage will be significant in any case. Therefore I ask to join the request to exclude from the list of places to be cleaned, and all the Maidan adjacent streets (Hrinchenko lane Shevchenko, Sophia, Mykhailivs’ka Kostelnaya Institutskaja and Gorodetsky), as well as gardens and courtyards on them, European square, streets and Triohsvyatitelskaya Hrushevskoho and adjacent parks, Michael’s Square, street Large Zhytomyr and Vladimir, Landscape alley, street Shelkovichnaja Lipsky, Garden, Serf alley. KSCA obliged to prohibit employees Housing exercise there any work, including with the involvement of third parties of the number of volunteers. KSCA should apply to the court for limitation of actions by prohibiting any action that may change the state of the above locations. Organizers have the right to conduct the action in these areas without the consent of the investigative authorities and self-defense. ask anyone who wants to get justice regarding the organizers and perpetrators of the heinous crime in modern Ukrainian history, demand from those who planned action, a clear answer to the question ” agreed if cleaning with the investigative authorities? “Not housing, not MOE, namely the investigation, the Interior Ministry and Prosecutor’s Office. I also ask you to report on action plans to the investigative authorities and ask them to remind organizers of criminal responsibility: “Stattya 256. Spriyannya uchasnikami zlochinnih organіzatsіy that ukrittya їh zlochinnoї dіyalnostі 1. Zazdalegіd not obіtsyane spriyannya uchasnikami zlochinnih organіzatsіy that ukrittya їh zlochinnoї dіyalnostі Shlyakhov nadannya primіschen, skhovisch, Transport zasobіv, іnformatsії, dokumentіv, tehnіchnih pristroїv, pennies tsіnnih paperіv and takozh zazdalegіd not obіtsyane _zdіysnennya іnshih dіy_ on stvorennyu minds yakі spriyayut їh zlochinnіy dіyalnostі – karayutsya pozbavlennyam Volya on rows od troh to p’yati rokіv. 2. Ti sami dії, vchinenі sluzhbovoyu owes a special debt re abo – karayutsya pozbavlennyam Volya on rows od p’yati to ten rokіv іz pozbavlennyam rights obіymati pevnі plant a chi zaymatisya Pevnyi dіyalnіstyu on lines before troh rokіv. Stattya 396. Prihovuvannya zlochinu 1. Zazdalegіd not obіtsyane prihovuvannya serious chi Especially grave zlochinu – karaєtsya areshtom on lines before troh mіsyatsіv abo obmezhennyam Volya on lines before troh rokіv abo pozbavlennyam Volya samy on the lines. ” Call Finally, CPDA and ask what purpose they support action that may inevitably lead to the loss of physical evidence and traces of the crime. ask all not to engage in harvesting in the field mentioned above. You can be there, persuading other participants do not do something stupid, do not hinder the investigation. If you suddenly find something pertaining to the crime or unusual, in any case, do not touch these items, or traces, ensure their presence in the same place in pristine condition. Immediately report the discovery of the investigative authorities. Lacking skills in forensic photography, photographic images provoite only if it does not violate For other conditions, with location and ensuring scaling object or trace. Do not touch anything with your hands and do not move. If suddenly it did not work, anyway, immediately notify the investigative authorities and tell them the evidence, providing details of their discovery. Self Maidan would be up if jointly with the Ministry of Internal Affairs has organized mobile teams for the protection of the above locations, related to the crime. I sincerely hope for understanding and support. This is our common cause, “The people against the regime of Yanukovych.” And we have to go into this process with all possible evidence to punish


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