Provocations in Simferopol


From Anna Korbut: “Provocations from clowns today. In downtown Simferopol, supposedly “banderites” were running around with guns and shooting today, having somehow managed to get past the armed checkpoints when even journalists can’t get through. The bus they arrived in had LVOV TAIGAN written in huge yellow letters on the windshield (real “banderites” would hardly use Russian spelling for the name of the main Western Ukrainian city. It’s Lviv in Ukrainian). And the bus had Crimean plates.

Their goal was reportedly trying to kick out supporters of Crimea’s Russian integration from some building. Nobody was injured. Meanwhile, a journalist from Kyiv couldn’t get through a new checkpoint on the border of Kherson Oblast and Crimea (the frontier between mainland Ukraine and the peninsula). The masked guy guarding the checkpoint told him to stay 400 meters away, otherwise he would shoot him, and threatened to toss a grenade into the car.”

Пошли уже первые провокации. В центре Симферополя бегают типа “Бантеровцы” которые приехали не понятно как через блок пост через который не пропускают журналистов на автобусе с большой надписью ЛЬвов, но на крымских номерах….. ППЦ


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