The second largest country in Europe isn’t just ‘some land’

My opinion after reading some German press calling Obama “soft” and saying that maybe Crimea should go to Putin as a consolation prize!!! Yes they have said that! The papers include Sueddeutsche Zeitung, Der Spiegel, BIld and other sources. What do they plan on giving Ukraine as a consolation prize for losing Crimea? Transnistria? Or how about Bavaria?

First of all, calling the US soft is truly rich, given that the US has had gunboats and aircraft carriers in the Black Sea, backed out of the Sochi Summit and recalled its ambassador to Russia, while Germany hasn’t done ANYTHING at all so far! The US seems to be following the famous Teddy Roosevelt maxim: Speak softly and carry a big stick. Putin is rapidly being isolated and if things go any further, he may find a very big stick coming down on his head. No thanks to Germany. Calling the situation in Crimea “just a tussle over some land between two super powers” is the height of condescension. The second largest country in Europe is ‘just some land’? This sounds very much like Russian rhetoric. You have to know who the people are who write certain kinds of articles… A lot of the English-language hired pens are already well known to savvy readers. Now we’ll have to figure out who the German Kremlin publicists are.

More importantly, the arguments about Crimea are completely baseless. (1) Crimea was formally annexed to the Ukrainian SSR in 1954 (60 years ago; Russia only held it for 171 years). (2) On Dec. 1, 1991, 55% of Crimeans voted to be with independent Ukraine. (3) Crimea is almost entirely dependent on Ukraine for power and water, one of the reasons Khrushchev annexed it to Ukraine in the first place. Crimea’s main industry is tourism and the majority of those tourists are from Ukraine as well. In short, Crimea would be crippled physically and economically if it was detached from Ukraine because Russia cannot replace any of these basic support systems at all, and in such a situation, Ukraine certainly could not be expected to continue to supply any of them. (4) Those who claim that Khrushchev was Ukrainian and that’s why he gave Crimea away (ergo it was a “questionable” annexation) should know that he was a 100% Russian, born to two Russian parents, in a Russian village, in Russia, and was known as the Hangman of Ukraine under Stalin, so love for Ukraine had nothing to do with it at all. Moscow simply saw Crimea as a white elephant and didn’t want to deal with it.

This information about Ukraine and Crimea needs to be broadly disseminated to these media, as they are obviously responding to disinformation coming from Russian sources, either through ignorance or because they are being paid to do so. There is no legitimate or legal reason in the world for giving Crimea to Russia, especially after its aggressive incursions in so many other places. Will the West reward Putin AGAIN for invading a country? When will they stop rewarding him? When he’s at the walls of Berlin? or maybe Paris? Europe is dealing with a mad fascist every bit as demented as Hitler was. Appeasement in 1938 led to WWII. Beware that in 2014 it doesn’t lead to WWIII.


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