On Russia’s dirty wars

My friends abroad worry about me, but I’m worried about eastern and southern Ukraine, including Crimea. These are my people!

In addition to its very dirty invasion of Crimea, Russia is engaging in a phenomenally dirty information war right now. They are portraying the Crimean Tatars as extremist Islamists and even the German Spiegel has repeated that crap. It’s very dangerous because they are setting the Tatars up for ethnic cleansing “with justification.” They are running surveys throuth Aavaaz that are slanted towards the Russian view of Ukraine, including the ‘legitimacy’ of the discredited criminal president Viktor Yanukovych. Some are very sincerely discussing the great “language divide” in Ukraine that makes the country not a real country but a patchwork of territories (how this reconciles with equally sincere nonsense about “faternal nations” that should be together “for eternity,” I have no idea). Other analysts compare Russia’s invasion of Crimea with the US’s invasion of Grenada or Panama (!). The US wasn’t grabbing land from a sovereign nation. There may not be much of a difference for you sincere “analysts” in your cosy, well-furnished offices in Berlin, Paris, London or Washington, but for Ukraine (and Georgia), there’s profound difference. You’d better pray that Poutine’s greed, unlike HItler’s, ends with Ukraine.

All the western lackeys of Russia (many of them paid for their services) seem completely oblivious to the fact that they are helping in the eventual killing of tens of thousands of people. They are a new generation of Walter Durantys. In 1933, he won the Pulitzer prize for his lies about the Soviet Union (everybody’s happy and healthy), which directly led to Roosevelt recognizing the USSR at the height of an artificial famine (Holodomor) in Ukraine that killed up to 7 million Ukrainians and a similar famine in Kazakhstan that killed half the population, 1.5 million. When will these hired pens stop to think of the real impact of their dirty work? It is they who are firing the first bullets in a war that could destroy Ukraine.


One thought on “On Russia’s dirty wars

  1. Unfortunately, part of the problem is that most Americans and many Europeans have either never heard of the Tatars, or assume that they are some sort of fierce warlike subculture similar to “the Mongolian hordes”. And of course the same people sit with their heads in the sand and claim “it could never happen now: the Russians are too civilized” .. The understanding of where the Crimea is, who the people are, the strategic location, how intimidated the Crimeans must be at this point are all too sadly missing. Thanks for posting this: it should be in major new broadcasts everywhere.

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